Which company is top in marketing?

COMMENT Marketing is like sex: everyone thinks they're good at it. In reality, of course, very few really understand it. So few, in fact, that I had to struggle to find 10 companies that really knew what they were doing and delivered their products year after year. Strangely enough, creating 10 companies with terribly bad marketing was much easier.

Apple (AAPL) is the only technology company that truly engages in marketing. It defines the next big innovation and creates an inflection point in existing markets before people even know what they want. It doesn't use focus groups or research; Apple is its own focus group. It controls your channel and message better than any other company in the world. Not to mention the 1984 Super Bowl advertising campaigns, Think Different and the iPod silhouette.

The Korean company has slowly and steadily grown to become one of the leading consumer electronics brands. It used to hold annual strategy sessions where all of its senior executives could spend time with the best competing products they faced, such as Sony (SNE), Nokia (NOK), Panasonic (PC) and Apple. I don't know if it still does, but from day one, Samsung set aside the traditional Asian model, driven by technology, to become a market-leading and market-oriented company to the market. Universal McCann is a creative media agency that has a client list that includes Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, The Hershey Company, CVS Health, ExxonMobil, BMW and Sony.

The agency is part of the Interpublic network and is a member of the IPG Mediabrands group, together with Initiative, Magna, Mediabrands Audience Platform and three other agencies. UM operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 4,800 people. Cheil Worldwide, South Korea's largest advertising agency, has a turnover more than three times that of its closest domestic rival. The agency has 53 offices in 43 countries and 6,200 employees worldwide.

Owned by the Samsung Group, Cheil's list of major customers includes Adidas, GE, Coca-Cola, Lego, Microsoft, Shell and more. Leo Burnett is one of the most recognized and well-known advertising agencies in the world for its long history of advertising excellence. The agency was known for creating branded pets such as Uncle Ben, The Jolly Green Giant, Tony the Tiger, Pillsbury Dough-Boy and Marlboro Man. Today, Leo Burnett is still known as a leader in advertising with 85 offices, more than 8,000 employees and a member of Publicis.

Walter Thompson is the best-known marketing agency in the world and has been creating creative solutions for creating lasting brands for more than 150 years. A true global agency, JWT has more than 200 offices in more than 90 countries and close to 10,000 employees. The WPP agency is the official agency of Church's Chicken, USA. UU.

Marine Corps, Subway and KPMG, to name a few. Founded in 1997, Mindshare is one of the best media buying and planning agencies in the world. The agency is part of WPP's GroupM and has 116 offices in 86 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Mindshare is the official media agency of Pandora Jewelry, TJX and Tyson Foods.

In 1949, Bill Bernbach, Ned Doyle and Maxwell Dane founded the advertising giant DDB. DDB is one of the most prestigious advertising agencies and regularly receives awards and awards. While maintaining a lower profile than other major agencies, DDB continues to work with major brands, from Heineken to Ubisoft and Volkswagen, while acting as an official agency for McDonald's, Jeep and more. Dentsu is the largest advertising agency in Japan.

The agency offers a wide range of services in eight business areas, including marketing, digital, creative sphere, promotions, media, content, public relations and global business. Dentsu was founded in 1901 and works with global brands such as Facebook. With the ability to offer all kinds of services, from strategy to logistics, through brand building and cybersecurity, more and more companies are choosing to work with this multifaceted agency. Deloitte Digital is just beginning to show its capabilities, and the agency continues to acquire talent, most recently with the acquisition of the San Francisco-based creative store Heat, and the Swedish agency Acne.

The leading digital marketing company in the U.S. UU is Jives Media, which offers a broad combination of digital marketing services with proven success. It is followed by WebFX and Ignite Visibility, each of which has impressed us in their respective markets (SMEs and large companies, respectively). WebFX is the best agency for small businesses because, among a variety of impressive marketing solutions, it has a strong focus on local SEO, designed to help SMEs establish an online presence in their local area.

The agency is comprised of 500 experts and has more than 25 years of experience helping SMEs reach new audiences. Winner of several awards, including Manifest's number one payment agency in the U.S. In the US, Ignite Visibility is one of the country's leading agencies. For the past five years, the agency has helped its clients achieve a combined 35,500% growth in their website traffic, demonstrating its credentials in helping medium-sized companies grow online.

Do you want to increase traffic to your online store? You can stop buying: Rise Interactive offers specialized solutions to help companies get more e-commerce customers. For example, it offers advertising services from Amazon and Walmart Media Group, which optimizes your product listings with on-page ads and multi-channel integrations. Rise Interactive is ideal for companies that sell products on multiple platforms, as it helps you get more sales on your product listings and more traffic to your original online store. One of its most recent customers, an innovative leader in baking tools, recorded an Amazon revenue growth of 93% thanks to Rise Interactive.

With such an impressive resume, Disruptive Advertising can afford to be selective with its customers, turning away nine out of ten companies that contact them. However, if your company has room to grow and a budget to spend, you shouldn't have any problems. This agency is only suitable for companies looking to spend tens of thousands a month on marketing, which means it might not be ideal for some SMEs, who prefer to choose Jives Media or WebFX. From writing and design to interactive videos and animations, Siege Media can help companies of all sizes create best-in-class content that gets results in the SERPs. With a strong focus on SEO, Siege Media isn't the ideal agency for PPC experts, something you'll find in Jives Media or Disruptive Advertising.

The leading digital marketing company in the U.S. UU is Jives Media, which offers a fully managed digital marketing service and, in addition, an impressive award showcase. Suitable for SMEs, this agency has also proven its success in helping the world's biggest brands to grow even more. Everyone thinks they know who are the biggest marketing companies in the world, and I'm sure you know some of the most famous agencies such as BBDO, Havas or Grey.

Digital marketing companies specialize in knowing the latest marketing trends, taking advantage of tools and strategies to help their company outperform the competition.